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Laurence Davis - Founder

Laurence, a teacher for over twenty years, is a former Assistant Principal. Since founding Pioneer Intervention Ltd he has focussed on the development of the Pioneer Cadet Awards and has worked with pilot schools, since 2017, in their development. With the help of others, Laurence has written and published the Pioneer Cadet Awards to support the personal development and success of all children in Upper Key Stage Two nationwide.


Graham Allison – Content Editor

Graham has worked in twelve schools since 1974. He has served as Head of School, Director of Boarding and Head of Science. Graham is formerly an A-Level Chief Examiner AQA and Principal Education Officer, Overseas Development Administration. He is listed on the Ofqual Register of Experts in Land-based and Environmental Subjects and currently serves as an independent advisor to the International Baccalaureate Organisation. In 2010, he was elected Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors.


Natalie Hayes – Creative Designer

Natalie is a secondary school teacher by profession and has had a long-standing affiliation to Pioneer Cadets since helping to deliver the programme to pilot schools in 2017. Natalie’s relentless attention to detail and design skills have been invaluable for the creation of all Pioneer Cadet Resources.


Clare Davis – Illustrator

Clare is a freelance illustrator based in Oxfordshire. Clare has been an integral part of the creation of the Pioneer Cadet logo and branding. Clare’s use of colour to provoke a sense of emotion and atmospheric space has established the Pioneer Cadet logo as a recognisable symbol of aspiration to which children can relate.


William Healy – Illustrator

William is an illustrator specialising in 3D animation. He has created iconic images throughout the Pioneer Cadet Programme.  His relatable style has created original characters and scenarios, which engagingly capture the sprit of being a Pioneer Cadet.


David May - Business Development Advisor

David began his working life in the Royal Air Force. Upon leaving the forces, David worked with companies such as Sodexo, GSK and Mitre. David’s passion for social enterprise and how a business should operate ethically and sustainably has been invaluable in developing the model for The Pioneer Cadet Awards.


Pioneer Intervention Ltd is grateful to Francesco Parrino, pianist and composer, for granting permission to use his arrangement of Chariots of Fire

Youtube: Francesco Parrino

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